在复合句中修饰名词或代词的从句叫定语从句。被修饰的名词或代词叫先行词。引导定语从句的关系代词有who, whom, whose, which, that等和关系副词where, when ,why等。关系代词和关系副词在定语从句中担任句子成分。
  1.(★★★★)-I drove to Zhuhai for the air show last week.
  -Is that the reason ________you had a few days off?
  A.why B.when C.what D.where
  2.(★★★★★)Meeting my uncle after all these was an unforgettable moment,________I will always treasure.
  A.that B.one C.it D.what
  3.(★★★★)Alec asked the policeman________he worked to contact him whenever there was an accident. (上海2002)
  A.with him B.who C.with whom D.whom
  4.(★★★★)There"s a feeling in me________we"ll never know what a UFO is.
  A.that B.which C.of which D.what (上海2002)
  5.(★★★★)We will be shown around the city:schools,museum,and some other places,________other visitors seldom go.
  A.what B.which C.where D.when
  6.(★★★★)After living in Paris for fifty years,he returned to the small town________he grew up as a child.
  A.which B.where C.that D.when
  7.(★★★★★)Carol said the work would be done by October,________personally I doubt very much.
  A.it B.that C.when D.which
  8.(★★★★★)Dorothy was always speaking highly of her role in the play,________of course,made the others unhappy.
  A.who B.which C.this D.what
  1.The film brought the hours back to me________I was taken good care of in that far-away village.
  A.until B.that C.when D.where
  2.________is known to everybody,the moon travels round the earth once every month.
  A.It B.As C.That D.What
  错解分析:A项迷惑性较大。但it是形式主语,后应用that从句作真正主语。如:It"s known to everybody that the moon travels round the earth once every month.
  1.由who, whom, whose引导的定语从句:这类定语从句中, who用作主语,whom用作宾语,whose用作定语。例如:
  This is the man who helped me.
  The doctor whom you are looking for is in the room.
  Do you know the man whose name is Wang Yu?
  This is the book which you want.
  The building which stands near the river is our school.
  The room in which there is a machine is a workshop.
  The letter that I received was from my father.
  ①先行词是不定代词all,few,little,much,something,nothing,anything等。例如:All that we have to do is to practise every day.
  ②先行词被序数词或形容词最高级所修饰。例如:The first lesson that I learned will never be forgotten.This is the best film I"ve ever seen.
  ③先行词被all,any,every,each,few,little,no,some等修饰。例如:I have read all the books(that)you gave me.
  ④先行词被the only,the very,the same,the last修饰时,例如:He is the only person that/(who) I want to talk to .
  ⑤先行词既有人又有物时,例如:They talked of things and persons that they remembered.
  ⑥当句中已有who时,为避免重复。例如:Who is the man that is talking to John?
  ⑦用作关系代词,修饰表示时间的名词如day,time,moment等,代替when。例如:It happened on the day that/when I was born.
  ⑧如有两个定语从句,其中一个关系词已用,则另一个用that。例如:Edison built up a factory which produced things that had never been seen before.
  I know the reason why he came late.
  This is the place where we lived for 5 years.
  I will never forget the day when I met Mr Liu.
  This is the house where he lived last year.
  This is the house that(which)he visited last year.
  I thought of the happy days when I stayed in Beijing.
  I have never forgotten the day which we spent together.
  ①限定性定语从句是句中不可缺少的组成部分,主句和从句之间不用逗号分开,引导非限定性定语从句的关系代词有who,whom,whose,which,of which等,这些关系代词都不能省略;
  I have two sisters,who are both students.
  Crusoe"s dog,which was now very old,became ill and died.
  ①as用作关系代词和关系副词引导限定性定语从句,并在从句中作主语、表语或状语,构成the same…as,such…as等结构。例如:
  I like the same book as you do.(as作宾语)
  I shall do it in the same way as you did.(as作状语)
  I want to have such a dictionary as he has.(as作宾语);
  As we all know,he studies very hard.(as代表整个句子,作宾语)
  As is known to all,he is the best student in our class.(as代表整个句子,作主语)
  常用的这种类似插入语的句式有as is said above,as is already mentioned above,as is known to all,as it is,as is often the case,as is reported in the newspaper等。
  1.(★★★★★)Is this hotel________you said we were to stay in your letter.
  A.where B.which C.in that D.in which
  2.(★★★★)The wrong you"ve done him is terrible,for________you should make an apology to him,I think.
  A.this B.which C.what D.that
  3.(★★★★)We played in the garden till sunset,________it began to rain.
  A.when B.after C.while D.then
  4.(★★★★)I"d like a car________front lights are big and round.
  A.which B.that C.whose D.what
  5.(★★★★)"Who Moved My Chinese?",________is a best-selling book,is written by Spencer Johnson.
  A.which B.that C.it D.what
  6.(★★★★★)Is there a shop around________I can get a pack of cigarette?
  A.which B.where C.that D. what
  7.(★★★★)Another unmanned spacecraft"ShenzhouⅡ",________China greets the 21st century,marks new progress in the century"s space program.
  A.for which B.from which C.in which D.with which
  8.(★★★★)Beijing government puts more than 700 million yuan to increase its green space this year,________doubles the money provided last year.
  A.as B.while C.that D.which
  9.(★★★★)That passenger was very impolite to the conductor,________of course,made things even worse.
  A.who B.whom C.what D.which
  10.(★★★★)Helen is much more kind to her youngest child than to the others,________of course,makes the others unhappy.
  A.who B.which C.she D.that
  11.(★★★★★)I"ll never forget the days________I lived in the country with the farmers,________has a great effect on my life.
  A.that;which B.when;which C.which;that D.when;who
  12.(★★★★★)David gets up early and takes a walk in the morning,______is usual with him.
  A.as B.that C.what D.such


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